Transparent utfyllnad Miscellaneous photos from Slettnes 2008
What a great table (and much more food not visable here;-) at Kåre & Bölga Grip's house on Norway's national day. The two "spjuvers" Hampus and Aron's faces and thumbs up tells everything! Photo: Niklas Holmström
A Russian birding team from Murmansk dining at Grip's house or a happy Swedish seawatching party? Well, we all get red Gamvik T-shirts kindly handed by the community in Gamvik before the excellent dinner. Photo: Kåre Grip
Bölga and Kåre Grip. A very kind and helpful couple in Gamvik. Kåre is also the warden of the Nature reserve.
Photo: Niklas Holmström
A nice Grey Seal with a strange fish at "Los Fotos Odos" (the tip west of the lighthouse). Photo: Aron Andersson
Kittiwake. Photo: Aron Andersson, Sweden
Top left: David, Aron, Alain, Hampus & Kristoffer. Top right: The French seawatcher Alain Verneau. Bottom left: David checking the seabird litterature. Bottom right: Alain and Kristoffer enjoying the fire. Photos: Niklas Holmström
Adamsii Bay. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Poms Beach, towards west from the lighthouse in the morning on 12th May. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Adamsii Bay seen from the road to Mehamn on 12th May. Photo: Niklas Holmström
A nice scenario at Delighthouse. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Slettnes Delighthouse. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Our nice house in Gamvik. Alain, Aron and David emptying the car. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Buildings at Slettnes lighthouse in early morning of 12th May. Photo: Niklas Holmström
A view of Gamvik harbour from our house. Peacefully silent at midnight. Photo: Niklas Holmström
Northwestern part of Gamvik and the church in top of the hill, viewed from our house. Photo: Niklas Holmström
An evening cheer at our dinner table on 12th May. Pasta and red wine, whilst the snow falling outside. Kristoffer (left) and Alain (right). We are the happy ones! Photo: Niklas Holmstrom
A nice Rein deer between Gamvik and Mehamn. Photo: Kristoffer Nilsson
A Kittiwake in Mehamn harbour. Photo: Kristoffer Nilsson
Purple Sandpipers in Gamvik harbour. Photo: Kristoffer Nilsson

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