White-billed Diver by Aron Andersson, Sweden

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Arild Hansen, Norway
Born in 1969. Birdwatcher from Moss in South-Norway, birding in Finnmark since 1995 . I have been working as a teacher for many years but for the last years I have had my own company, Ryggefoto and work here as an adviser and a photographer. From 2009 head of Slettnes Fuglestasjon.
E-mail: arild@ryggefoto.no
Phone: +4748225753

Niklas Holmström, Sweden
Born in Sweden 1963. Working at Nordea Bank as a Corporate adviser, but also do some freelance. Seabird addict. Since my first trip to Slettnes in May 1999 I has been there two more times (2002 and 2008). I can't just get enough of seeing Pomarine Skuas and White-billed Divers in good numbers! My connection to Slettnes these days is simply this website.

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