White-billed Diver by Aron Andersson, Sweden

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Transparent utfyllnad Video clips by Jan Hägg
Please enjoy the videos below. All of them taken by the Swedish birder Jan Hägg at Slettnes in May 2002. They are all in wmv-format and in the size of 320x240.
White-billed Diver Gavaia adamsii
  24 seconds (1,6 MB) A lovely White-billed Diver foraging off shore the lighthouse.
  14 seconds (1 MB) Another clip of the very same White-billed Diver.
  18 seconds (1,2 MB) A White-billed Diver in flight.
  24 seconds (1,5 MB) A single White-billed Diver in summer plumage.
22 seconds (1,5 MB) A single White-billed Diver in summer plumage.
  17 seconds (601 KB) An adult in breeding plumage along with an immature Great Northern Diver, which is commented by Swedish birders (e.g. Anders Blomdahl and Magnus Ullman) and at the end of the clip, Janne Hägg, which frustrated words "...jävla jordhög!" could be translated into english such as "...bloody fucking mound!" (which was disturbing the digiscoping sight).
Red-throated Diver Gavaia stellata
  13 seconds (900 KB) Two adults in flight, of which the one at the end show a typical silhouette.
17 seconds (1,1 MB) A nice adult breeding in flight.
European Shag Phalacorcorax aristotelis
  6 seconds (410 KB) Two Shag's heading eastwards off Slettnes lighthouse.
King Eider Somateria spectabilis
  35 seconds (2,3 MB) A large flock including an interesting mix of ages and moult. You could find birds between 2nd cal year and adult males. The moult of the 2nd cal year male birds seem to vary individually very much at this time of year.
  35 seconds (2,2 MB) The focus lay on the male and nearly adult plumaged King Eider. Probably a third calender year or could a second cal moult that fast to resamble a adult during one year?
  39 seconds (2,5 MB) Same large flock as above, but less sharp.
  10 seconds (700 KB) Females and 2nd cal year males in flight.
Pomarine Skua Stercorarius pomarinus
  25 seconds (1,6 MB) A nice flock of adult Pomarine Skuas and a inserted clip of keen seawatchers (from left: Anders Blomdahl, Niklas Holmström, Magnus Ullman and Roy Erling Wrånes)
  7 seconds (521 KB) A flock of Pomarine Skuas arouse associations, which is commented by Magnus Ullman, and Niklas Holmström follow the abstract line. (Never tell a member of Hell's Angels about this video as they may be flattered).
  22 seconds (1,4 MB) A sole Pom heading eastwards off Slettnes lighthouse.
  8 seconds (480 KB) Two Poms passing eastwards at night (about 02 in the morning).
Glaucous Gull Larus hyperboreus
  12 seconds (800 KB) A 2nd cal year bird in flight. Typical for this age in May is that they are moulting their inner primaries, giving a clear (and synchronic) cut in both wings.
9 seconds (667 KB) Another 2nd cal year bird in flight.
Puffins and Razorbills Fratercula arctica and Alca torda
9 seconds (590 KB) Pedagogic flight comparation between a pair of Puffins within a flock of Razorbills.
Black Guillemot Cepphus grylle
6 seconds (420 KB) Guillemots off the lighthouse.
Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis
18 seconds (1,1 MB) A male Snow Bunting singing a bit curious and confused as Magnus playing its song from a speaker. The clicking sound in background is from Magnus camera.
Birders and views
  14 seconds (900 KB) Swedish seawatchers trying to survive a cold morning at the lighthouse.
  18 seconds (1,2 MB) Midday break in our nice little flat, kindly lend by our friend Kåre Grip. Three clips in one: Magnus Ullman and Anders Blomdahl discussing Kåre's tasty cake, then Anders try to find the recipe of this rare cake in a book and the final clip depict Niklas trying to focus on the seabird compilation on the laptop while Magnus and Anders still are exciting of Kåre's cake.
15 seconds (1 MB) A panorama viewed towards west from Vardnessodden, the tip west of Slettnes. Vardnessodden may be a good place for those who want photograph skuas and divers, as they round the tip before passing the lighthouse (see the detail map). At the end of the clip Anders Blomdahl and Magnus Ullman.

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