White-billed Diver by Aron Andersson, Sweden
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Slettnes lighthouse is the northernmost mainland lighthouse in the world! Most birders associate Arctic Norway with the Varanger Peninsula, but there is a little known peninsula between Varanger and North Cape, named Nordkyn. The northen tip of Nordkyn, Slettnes, is more than just a great seawatching spot. It is a nature reserve since 1995 and every summer researchers from Europe visit the area doing studies on waders, ducks, Arctic Terns and Arctic Skuas. This relative small area hold a large breeding population of Arctic Skuas (c.200 pairs) and Arctic Tern (1200 pairs). However, Slettnes is probably best know for its great passage of skuas and White-billed Divers in May. A visit at Slettnes in May or June will probably stay in your mind for a very long time!
Slettnes Bird News 2010
» Seabird totals 2009
» Sightings and photos in May 2009
» Photo gallery – 13th May 2009
Birding diary (PDF) – May 2008
» White-billed Diver photos – May 2008
Video clips by David Andersson
1 Spetember: 13 nice video clips from the the trip in May 2008 have been added to the video gallery. One of the clips depicts a displaying couple of White-billed Divers, which is rarely documented! Enjoy his videos here»

Movie about the birds at Slettnes
This is a very nice movie about the birds at Slettnes made by the Norwegian TV. The well-known scientist Karl-Birger Strann, who have spent many years at Slettnes, is the pedagogic guide. Unfortunately, the speaking is in Norwegian language, however, the movie speak for itself!

Peak dates of Pomarine Skuas
18th May 1999: 1347 passing east
5th May 2010: 1352 passing east
18th May 2004: 1232 passing east
10th May 2009: 1221 passing east
17th May 1998: 1000 passing east

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